Forage and transport Vandemoortel

The best forage and animal bedding products for your animals all year round, at the best prices. That’s what Vandemoortel Wim BVBA stands for. Combining the transportation of a wide diverse range of goods on the outward journey and forage and animal bedding products (hay, straw, wood fibres, sawdust) on the return journey offers many benefits to our customers. The benefits reach beyond just the price. Through the years we have established lasting relationships with our national and international customers and suppliers. These relationships have developed thanks to our unceasing commitment, promptness and customer focus.

 Why choose Vandemoortel Wim BVBA?

  • We guarantee the best value for money by combining outward with return deliveries and being able to rely on an extensive network of customers and suppliers.
  • We are GMP Certified, assuring you of the highest quality norms in terms of food safety.
  • We work flexibly, delivering even when you’re not present. Thanks to our unique unloading system we do not require assistance on delivery, resulting in the least disruption possible to your business and daily activities.

Unique unloading system: We deliver even if you’re not there

Vandemoortel Wim BVBA uses an unloading system that is unique in Belgium, making it possible to deliver forage and animal bedding products such as hay and straw without disrupting your day to day activities. Our unique unloading system, driven by a motorised winch, drops hay, straw and other bedding product bales behind the truck or trailer without the need of a forklift or any other loading system. The bales can then be transported and stored at your convenience. This unique unloading system allows flexible planning, not only of our deliveries, but also of your day to day work schedules.

Experienced and driven

Wim Vandemoortel was brought up in the transport and forage trade, acquiring the necessary experience in his father's business. In 2008, he started his own forage and transport business, Vandemoortel Wim BVBA. It was a success story right from the start, and today Wim and his wife lead a team of three employees. With plenty of enthusiasm and a fleet of four trucks with trailers they serve the national and international market.