Forage products - Straw

Vandemoortel Wim BVBA delivers straw of guaranteed high quality to national and international clients all year round. We sell straw both straight from the field during the harvest season as from the warehouse out-of-season. We offer a wide range of straw types that can serve as forage as well as animal bedding and we always select suppliers that offer the best value for money.

Our straw products come in different shapes:

  • Shredded (1 to 5cm): ideal for forage or bedding, in bales of 300kg
  • Cut (4 to 8cm): ideal for forage
  • Uncut: ideal for animal bedding

Some of the straw types we offer are:

Wheat straw

This type of straw is ideal bedding material for stalls or cubicles, because it’s soft and absorbs moisture. Wheat straw is also very suitable as fibre feed. We deliver wheat straw all year round in large bales of 300 to 500kg.

Barley straw

Barley straw is a popular product for use as texture-rich feed for dairy and young cattle. Animals like to eat it, because it’s softer and has more taste than wheat straw.

Rape seed straw

Rape seed straw is very absorbent, which makes it very suitable as bedding for horses and poultry. Shredded rape seed straw can also be used as texture-rich feed for dairy cattle. We deliver rape seed straw in all possible lengths and packaging: from small bales of approximately 20kg to large bales of 300 to 600kg.

Make an order?

We at Vandemoortel Wim BVBA like to combine the delivery of straw with other types of transport. Limiting unnecessary mileage allow us to offer you very affordable deliveries.

Do you want to order straw? Contact us by filling in the web form or call us at +32 (0)476 63 54 72.